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What is Congregationalism

Three Congregational Principles
  • ​A Church where Christ is the Head, with no external hierarchy
  • A Church based on a covenant relationship with God and with one another, where seeking the mind of Christ is the basis of all that is done
  • A Church where all members are considered equal before God, and all skills and giftings are values and recognised
How do we practise these principles?
  • We welcome people into Church membership to have responsibility for all aspects of Church life
  • We hold regular Church Meetings where through the power of the Holy Spirit we seek the mind of Christ and everyone is encouraged to contribute
  • We have Ministers who have a specific role of spiritual leadership, teaching, and preaching: they are members of the Church who are also subject to the discernment of the Church Meeting
  • We worship in a style which is adaptive to the Church Community
  • We invite all who love the Lord Jesus Christ to share communion
  • We usually baptise children, but will baptise people of every age (who have not previously been baptised) as part of our worship
What does this mean to me?
  •  I believe in God and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour
  • I have been called by God to be an active member of the Church
  • I attend Church Meetings and contribute to discussions and share ideas
  • I regularly attend worship
  • I am faithful in bible reading and in prayer, in giving and in service 
  • I take part in Holy Communion
  • I can lead services or Holy Communion if called by God to do so and agreed by the Church Meeting
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