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Victoria Road Congregational Church
Prayer Page

This Page is for everyone to pray for 'Family and / or Friends'.
The Power of Prayer is a wonderful thing and we encourage everyone to make use of this page
If you have a need to add anyone to this list, please speak to one of the Deacons.

Prayer Requests:

Please hold the following in your prayers - 

John Evans - Our Friend and Church Secretary.  He's not feeling well and is awaiting on a diagnosis following Blood Tests

Daphne Denton - Daphne's not well at the moment and needs our prayers.  

Rosemary Hooker - She's having respite care in Nazareth House

The Families of Diane Cave and Ruth Lowe who both passed away recently

Fred & Joan Ager Please keep them both in your prayers.  They are both at home and doing well.

Dr David George David is making good progress following his recent operation.    Pray for David and his family.

David & Barbara Rockall They are now living permanently in the Crescent Nursing Home - Keep them in your prayers.

Pauline Lee Pauline is available for a chat on her phone, or pop in if you wish to visit her - she does welcome all visitors.

She's not very mobile now - Keep her and her family on your prayers

Pray for our Church's growth - Please pray at home for our Church's progress in this.

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